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Signed Up : Dec 12, 2009  
Last Logged In : Aug 24, 2012  
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KayceeKatastrophe, You know my name not my story.

Tearing through paper Aug 27th.

I don't judge people, I'm not God.

Try being nice to me, and I'll be nice to you. Get to know me, I don't bite.


..Don't stalk, but please talk:)

Ask for Yahoo. I'm not posting it.

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Kayceekatastrophe's Comments (5):
01/28/10 7:29am
traviz says:
12/31/09 1:23am
millertime69 says:
12/25/09 2:30am
obxghirl says:
12/23/09 9:09am
millertime69 says:
12/14/09 3:25pm
Brandon says:
hey, thanks for being a part of the site, im glad you like it. im not too sure why the css codes wouldn't work for you..what exactly happens when you try to use them? they appear to be working correctly for me.
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