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ID: #325050  
Signed Up : Jul 01, 2009  
Last Logged In : Apr 13, 2011  
Profile Views: 23,716  
Total Layouts: 4428  
Layout Views: 4,768,516  
User's Rating: 5  


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KAMIMESSINA's Comments (54):
08/28/10 9:50pm
Pidda1 says:
Hey, I love your "set my wings free" layout with the picture at the top. Is there any way you can help me with getting rid of the "Set my wings free" phrase in the extended network banner? All I want is the picture that's in the background of those words without the actual phrase. I try to put the web address in the code for the picture but it comes out all off centered. Is that possible to do? Id really appreciate your help.
06/17/10 6:11pm
indiegal1 says:
Excellent Work on the layouts !! Every one I come to, You've done. Very good. Appreciate your artistic ability to put them all together.
05/03/10 2:13pm
layouthelp says:
i like the new pic :)
04/21/10 11:55pm
layouthelp says:
04/20/10 2:10pm
layouthelp says:
Your layouts are incredible! You do such an amazing job :)
03/12/10 7:41am
EpicFaerie says:
Thanks for your help...I will experiment with it later today when the kids are napping! Thanks soooo much!!!
03/04/10 2:56pm
ohkailey says:
How do you do a quote layout?
02/20/10 1:54am
athurman88 says:
Yes i started making a few it just me a bit to understand Ive only made 2 so far.. I really love yours though. But I was wondering, do you know how to put an image about the layout like you do in your 1.0 to a 2.0? It gives the option but doesnt show it.. i was just wondering if it actually shows up on the layout or not.
02/12/10 5:46pm
athurman88 says:
Every layout i like on here has been designed by you... i love your layouts.. But i was curious if you might be able to make me a layout? im not good with the 2.0. i once made all kinds of 1.0 on here.. but i have some design ideas if you wouldnt mind i think others would enjoy it too..Angela
02/06/10 2:44pm
flacaarmani says:
Hi kamimessina! is there any way i could switch one of the 1.0 layouts to 2.0? mine is 2.0.. Thanks in advance :)
01/28/10 11:43am
millertime69 says:
Aww,,, Thanks for the comment.
01/20/10 10:25pm
millertime69 says:
love the new layouts.
01/20/10 4:43am
MissCrissy says:
I know lol!! I hate when people steal our layouts!
01/17/10 2:46pm
jennameh13 says:
ok sorry i didnt know u could do that
12/31/09 9:20pm
millertime69 says:
Thanks for the layout comment..
12/31/09 1:25am
millertime69 says:
12/30/09 5:01am
MissCrissy says:
12/24/09 10:00am
lesliie says:
12/23/09 9:05am
millertime69 says:
12/22/09 4:17pm
MissCrissy says:
12/21/09 8:40pm
sweetie84 says:
That's really pretty. Thank you
12/21/09 2:46pm
sweetie84 says:
12/14/09 12:40am
millertime69 says:
Thanks for the comment. :)
12/13/09 10:19pm
millertime69 says:
BTW... i submitted new layout catagories..he said he will add them
12/13/09 10:17pm
millertime69 says:
i got a reply from brandon and he posted an update take a look..
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