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8 Tips for Twitter Beginners

Setup and Customize Your Twitter Profile
First things first, create your Twitter profile. Once you're all signed up it's time to setup your Twitter profile. Click Settings at the top and start filling up your profile. Here you will see: URL, bio, picture and design. Put up a link to your site/blog along with a brief description. Upload a picture, whether it's of you or a catchy image. After that, Customize your Twitter profile!

Follow People with the Same Interests

You don't want to start following people who just tweet complete nonsense or something that doesn't catch your interests. Follow people that catches your eye and is in your interest field; if you're both similiar you're bound to get more followers.

Get into the Conversation
Socialize with other tweeters. Easy as that. Read up on what the people your following are up to and reply if it interests you.

Update your Profile Daily

You want to keep a fresh Twitter profile or else nobody will follow you. If you're just going to post once a week then nobody is going to remember you. Make yourself known and update your profile with a daily tweet here and there. You shouldn't have any problem doing this now that Twitter is everywhere; even in your pocket.

Find the Latest Buzz
What's going on in the Twitter world today? You can find the latest trending topics in the right hand side of your profile or just follow along what youre friends are posting about. Or just find a topic that interests you and tweet it.

Create Relationships
Create a constant relationship with your followers. Whether its a reply, tweet or retweet here and there keep connected with your friends. Even take it outside Twitter and connect.

Connect through other Social Networks

You can share your tweets throughout other social networks. This may help you gain friends and spread the word. Connect through Facebook or Myspace and update your Twitter to update your Facebook/Myspace instantly.

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