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How to Share Music on Twitter

Trying to share music on Twitter? With the character limit of 140 characters available to tweet, Twitter users have found a lot of good ways to fill up with a ton of content within that amount. Whether it's sharing images, sharing videos, or sharing documents; there's always a way. So how do you share music on Twitter? There are plenty of ways to do so! Below are the best ways to tweet about what music you're listening to.

This list is in the order of what I personally think is the easiest and best way to share music on Twitter:

1. Blip.fm

This website is like Twitter for music. Users share tracks with one another in a Twitter style real-time stream. Blip.fm also integrates with Twitter and allows you to share tracks with your Twitter friends with one-click.

2. Tinysong:

Tinysong acts like the image hosting Tinypic.com but is a URL shortener for music powered by P2P music sharing service Grooveshark. Tinysong is simple. Search for songs, find one you want, get a short URL and post it in your tweet.

3. Twisten.fm

Like Tinysong, Twisten.fm searches through the Grooveshark library but is a bit more advanced by allowing you to share what you're listening to directly from the site. Listen to the music being shared on Twitter in a free, continuous stream of songs.

4. Twt.fm

Twt.fm connects you to your Twitter account then recreates your Twitter profile, including your background and picture, to store your playlist of music tweets. You can search for tracks or add direct MP3 links, YouTube music videos, imeen and more. You can then tweet those songs directly from the site using the URL shortener it also offers.

5. Song.ly

Song.ly is a Twitter music sharing website that runs through the media search engine Tagoo. It's another 1-2 step process, choose an artist or track and press the tweet button. This will send you to Twitter and will fill the tweet field in with a song, with the shortened URL it generates.

6. Twiturm

This website is more for real music artists looking to share music with their fans. You can upload MP3 files or point to an existing MP3 link from the web then share them directly on Twitter with the shortened URL. This allows visitors to play, download, or retweet the tracks as well as keep statistics on how many plays and downloads for each song.

7. FoxyTunes

This is a Firefox plug-in for the Foxytunes music player plugin from Yahoo! music. It adds a button for the Foxytunes player that allows users to tweet about what they're listening to in one click.

8. SongTwit

SongTwit lets you search imeen and YouTube for songs, point to MP3 links, or upload any extension (MP3, M4A, WAV, etc.) file. Login to Twitter, add your tweet in the remaining characters available and send your tweet.


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