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How to manage your profile to get more followers

Upload a profile picture
Your avatar is the first thing people will see when you show in a stream or a list. This has a major influence on whether or not people decide to check out your tweets and your profile. Therefore it is extremely important you do not keep twitters default avatar but upload your own. It can be your personal picture, or your brand, or a picture you like that you feel will attract attention (in a good way) or represents you.

List a location, website, and bio

Bottom line add something about yourself especially if its a newer account and your trying to build it. This has so many benefits. First off it could get your web site some extra traffic, second if a user doesn't find your tweets interesting, by listing a web site or bio its another chance to get them interested in following you, and third many users like to follow people in their general area.

Keep you followers and following count close
Its an instant turn off to see someone who is following 1000 people and they only have 80 followers. Immediate thoughts are they are either uninteresting or a spammer. Odds are most actually just don't know the proper way to manage their twitter accounts. You shouldn't just keep following people and creating a big gap between your following and followers count. Be patient and try to manage your followers/following as much as possible.

Post updates

If you have only posted an update or two and then try to go follow a large amount of users, you will be very disappointed to see that the large majority will not follow you back. Post some content! Show the world that you are just as concerned about your posts as you are about your following count. Then you will see users are more likely to follow you.

Post more then links to promote yourself

Twitter is great as an online marketing tool and definitely can help you sell your service and/or product, or whatever it is you may be promoting. This is what probably brought you to twitter in the first place. Though this may be all you want to tweet about you need variety. If your constantly only pushing your product people will become tired of your tweets and unfollow you or see that your posts are full of only self promotion and decide not to follow you at all. Mix it up. If your browsing the internet and find something entertaining or useful share it. Then you can mix in your product/promoting and still be interesting. Plus you don't want to look like a spammer.

If you decide to send out direct messages to new followers make sure they are not poorly constructed. A message like "Thanks for following me. Click this link to learn how to make up to $4000 a week from home." will probably make a lot of people decide to unfollow you.

Engage with your followers
This is a good way to learn and also hear back about some of your posts and shows people deciding whether or not to follow you that you care about your followers. If your a business or promoting a business this is also an excellent way to hear what on the customers mind which can help you improve.Get involved.. Reply to users when something catches your interest, or retweet something you like.

Connect through other Social Networks

You can share your tweets throughout other social networks. This may help you gain friends and spread the word. Connect through Facebook or Myspace or any other social networks you are a part of.

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