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Top 3 Ways to Get Your Questions Answered on Twitter

Since there's no more Google Answers available, people have found that Twitter is just as good, if not better to get your questions answered. You can ask a questions via tweet but there are also some good websites that canprovide you with your answers!

This list is in the order of what I personally think is the easiest and best way to share music on Twitter:

1. TwttrStrm

Sign up, ask a question with your Twitter username, track it with a few keywords, categorize it and you'll soon be receiving answers all in one spot! A few cool features from it is you can do the following:

  • Stage a debate
  • Make a prediction and see who agrees
  • Ask for advice, feedback, nominations, recommendations and much more!

2. twtpoll

There's tons of ways to ask a question. Polls/surveys are one of them. Twtpoll.com is a feedback tool that helps you conduct polls or surveys on Twitter or any other social network! Ask a poll question, add some answer options and await your results. It allows you to share the poll via Twitter, email or Facebook. You can also browse through the most popular and recent polls on Twtpoll!

3. TwitQA

This website is a very brief and easy way to ask a question and receive your answer. Ask your question and it will run through the existing Q&A to give you an answer. It allows you to ask questions in different categories like sports, travel, health, business, cars and more. TwitQA grabs your answers directly from the Twitter feed, which makes populating the question easier.

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