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Add the Shake Image Hover Effect to Your Photos

This code will create all the images on your blog or website shake when you hover it with your mouse cursor.
Step 1: Go to the Customize Page area of your Tumblr
Step 2: Copy the code below and paste it at the top of your Theme code
Step 3: Now the one thing about this code is that the images will only shake if you add the code in the <img> tag.
Finding the <img> tag:

1. Search for this: {block:Posts} in your theme code.
2. Now scroll a bit down till you see this {block:Photo} post block.
3. The <img> tag you need will be in that block, should look like this <img src="{PhotoURL-500}" /> if it doesn't dont worry, it will always similiar to it.

Step 4: Once you find the correct area of the code, copy the code below and just paste it in the tag.

It should now look like this <img src="{PhotoURL-500}" class="shakeimage" onMouseover="init(this);rattleimage()" &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;onMouseout="stoprattle(this);top.focus()" onClick="top.focus()"/>

Example of code:
<img src="{PhotoURL-500}" class="shakeimage" onMouseover="init(this);rattleimage()" onMouseout="stoprattle(this);top.focus()" onClick="top.focus()">
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