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How to Create and Track Tumblr Keyword Tags

What is a Tumblr tag?
Tumblr tags are used to track the keywords that you have posted. For example, if you add a 'sexy' tag, you can simply click the tag 'sexy' and it will show all the content that is tagged as 'sexy' with a click of a button!
Step 1: Add the following URL into the browser: http://www.tumblr.com/track_tag/keyword

Replace the word 'keyword' with the tag you would like to track. If your tag contains more than one word use the + sign to seperate the two keywords. (Example /keyword1+keyword2)

Once you have your URL set with your tag, click enter on your browser. It will bring up a blank page.

Step 2: Go to your Tumblr dashboard and in the right panel you will then see 'Tracked Tags'

You will notice your tag was added to the Tracked Tags area (I created a 'sexy' tag)

You're done!
Now you can click that tag and it will bring you all the results that are tagged with that keyword!




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