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This code will add content tables to your Tumblr profile with a sticky colored hover effect.

Step 1: Click Customize Icon in the top right. Inside, click Customize Your Blog.
Step 2: Once in Customize, click 'Theme'
Step 3: Insert the code below where you would like to place your tables:
Example Image:

*For more advanced users you can also edit:

  1. How many rows are used
  2. Which colors are used as default and when hovered on
  3. How large the width of the table is
  4. How thick the border is
  5. How much space is in between the tables
  6. The placement of the table
1. Add more tables by duplicating the lines beginning with <TR and ending in /TD>
2. Replace the color hex values. Currently #EEEEEE and #FFFFFF
3. Replace the width % with whichever length you would like
4 & 5. Replace the 1 with whichever # of border thickness you would like as well as
the # of cellpadding which edits the space between tables.
6. Add <center> to the top of code and </center> to the end of the code to center the table. Same goes for left and right.




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