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How to: Create a DIV Layout

Step 1: Creating a Custom Navigation Bar

Add this code to your About Me Section (Profile > Edit Profile)
Replace all #'s with the URLs you will be linking to. Also replace "Link One" etc text with your own.

Step 2: Setting up the Custom DIV Structure and Content

Add this to your Like To Meet Section (Profile > Edit Profile)
Create your own image banner (928px wide) and replace the image replace-me.jpg with yours (or remove "fcsDiv0"). Replace the "Lorem Ipsum" text filler content with your own. Add new div classes for more content boxes.

Step 3: Changing up the Myspace Layout

Go to Customize Profile.
Then click Change Layout. Leave at 960px width or change to it. Select the Layout Style that is one big blank box.
Click "Modules" on left side - click to disable ALL modules except: Blurbs, Comments & Friend Space. *It's important to "drag & drop" the Blurbs Module to the top of the page, then under that you can have Friends/Comments Modules on top of each other in any order.

Step 4: Styling the Custom DIV Layout with CSS

Add this code to your CSS Box (Profile > Customize Profile > CSS)
Click No Theme before pasting. Leave all margins/padding alone unless you know what your doing. Adjust all the colors to your own style. Publish all changes.
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