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Link Exchange Program

Want to get your site listed as a partner?
Currently, the Top 10 sites that send us the most hits will be listed on every page of the site under the partners section.
Everyone else will show on the View All Links page.
Once you have sent us atleast 5 unique hits you will then be listed.
After completing the form below you will be supplied with your referral code.
Remember: The more hits you send us, the higher youre ranked, meaning more hits in return.

Other Info:
-No Illegal sites.
-Rankings are updated in live time.
-Stats reset every day at 12:00 EST.
-Our link must read Myspace Layouts at all times or your link will be disabled.
-In most cases we will send you 3 times as many hits as you send us. In some cases 5 times as many!

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