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About The Movie/CD Cover Generator Looking to add pictures of your favorite movies and cd covers to your profile? Well we just made it a whole lot easier! Introducing the movie/cd cover generator. It allows you to easily search for your favorite movies/cd covers and provides the code necessary to add them to your page.

How This Works It's simple just enter in the artist/cd or movie of your choice below in the text feilds provided. Click the Search button and watch as your favorite movies/cds are shown. Once you've found the one you're looking for click "Add to My Movies/Music List." On the following page, this is where you are shown your list of movies/cd and you are given the code to add all of the pictures to your profile. You can easily change the size of the images using the drop down menu. You will also find that you can delete items, view more details, or start a new list.


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