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Myspace Fancy Name Generator

This is another useful tool for creating a cool username for Myspace. It allows you to add fancy patterns that make your name stand out! Try it out and see what kind of patterns you can come up with.

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Myspace LED Scroller

Create your own LED Scroller with this generator. Simply enter your text and pick from the large selection of colors and you'll have yourself a cool scrolling sign.

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Myspace Navigator Generator

This generator will create a quick navigation panel for your viewers to get to where they want when viewing your profile. You can create a list simply to navigate your myspace page (view more pics, leave a comment, view all friends, etc.) or you can create a list that will link to sites outside of the myspace.com domain (like freecodesource.com). You can also create a mixture of the two (myspace pages and pages outside of myspace).
-Want to see a live example? Click Here.

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Text Wrapping Around Images Generator

After being asked how to do this several times we decided to make a generator for it. Introducing the text wrapping around images generator. Simply provide an url for an image, the text, and how you would this text be wrapped around the image.
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Hide Sections Generator

Looking to hide different parts of your Myspace? Then this is the generator you're looking for! Simply click on the sections you want to remove from your myspace and watch as they disappear. Once you have removed everything you wanted, simply generate the code and follow the simple instructions.

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