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Image on Top of Your Myspace Page
- v2

Ever came upon a myspace where the first thing you see is an image taking over the top of the page? This generator does just that. It will take an image and place it on the top of your page forcing the rest of the page down. *Now updated so that it will automatically find the image height and set the correct margins for your profile page! As well as the option for inserting an image below the navigation!*
If you liked version 1 better, you can find it here.

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Myspace 2.0 Comment Box Module Editor

Looking to customize your Myspace 2.0 Comment box module? The generator is finally here! Customize your 2.0 comment box from changing colors to hiding sections and more!

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Profile Name Editor

Now customize your profile name with a touch of some color! Choose from a few simple options to make your Myspace profile that much brighter! Works with both 1.0 and 2.0 profiles.

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View Hidden Sections Generator

Curious on why your friends are hiding their comments, friends, or any section at all? Want to know their profile song but their playlist is hidden? With this generator simply enter your friends Myspace ID and it will show all hidden sections!

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Navigation Bar Generator

Easily change the style of your navigation bar with this easy to use generator. Select the colors and the live preview will show you exactly how it will look.

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