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Check out the newest additions to the Codes section. Facebook Codes & Twitter Tutorials. Tons of new codes/tutorials are on the way!
Custom Google Homepages
Google Startpage Skins - Hot!
Did you know you can customize your Google startpage with backgrounds, colors, pictures & more? Check out StartSkins.com to get started.
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1. Add a Typing Effect to Your Title
2. Add a Reblog Button Directly on Each Tumblr Posts
3. Add Falling Snowflakes Effect to your Tumblr Profile
4. Myspace Hide Sections Generator
5. How To Create An Event On Facebook
6. Secret Code For Facebook (Flare Effect)
7. Add a Trailing Mouse Effect to your Tumblr Profile
8. Tumblr Typewriter Effect
9. Twitter Tutorials, Twitter Tips, Twitter Tweaks, Twitter Codes
10. Myspace Div Layout Generator
11. Morph Images Generator
12. Facebook Symbols Generator
13. Add Scrolling Text to your Tumblr Profile
14. Add Endless Scrolling to your Tumblr Profile
15. Add an Alert Popup Message When a Visitor Comes To Your Tumblr
16. How to Add a Custom Tumblr Theme
17. Add a Shaking Image Hover Effect to your Pictures
18. How to Change the Font Colors and Font Styles on your Tumblr Profile
19. Learn Basic HTML to Create Tumblr Themes/Layouts
20. Symbols For Twitter
21. Create a 30 Day Tumblr Challenge
22. Fancy Text Generator
23. Add a Live Clock to your Tumblr Profile
24. Facebook Symbols For Status
25. Scrolling Title Bar Effect

Recently Popular Content
1. Funny Pictures
2. Bumper Stickers Myspace Application
3. Motivational Poster Maker
4. Twilight Graphics
5. Backgrounds for Myspace
6. Myspace Contact Buttons (Add, Msg, Block)
7. Movie Posters
8. Speech Bubble Generator
9. Create a Myspace Background
10. Myspace 2.0 Contact Tables

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Here at Freecodesource.com, we help guide you through the steps of customizing your Myspace Profile. We provide easy to use Myspace Generators, and take you step by step in our Myspace Tutorials. You can add myspace cursors, myspace graphics, myspace games, myspace clocks, myspace layouts and tons more with our premade Myspace ready Copy and Paste Codes.

If you are new to Myspace or new to the idea of editing your profile and are not sure where to start, give our Myspace Beginners Guide a try. It will teach you the basics and explain where to begin and where to go from there.

Don't have the time to build your own layout or just not good at it? Check out our Myspace Premade Layouts.

Be sure to check out our brand new community section. In the community you can interact and meet other users of freecodesource. The community is also a great place to get help. There are always users who are willing to help you out if you ever have a problem.

Are you someone that likes to share your Myspace Layouts? Then be sure to check out our submit a layout page. Here you can submit your layouts for other users to view, rate, comment, and use the layouts you've created.

Funny Facebook Status Updates
Looking for a laugh? You've got to check out our latest addition, Funny Facebook Status Updates! Browse through hundreds of real life funny Facebook statuses, Facebook comments, funny Facebook groups and fan pages, typos, fights and more!
Facebook Codes & Twitter Tutorials!
There has been huge updates the past few weeks! We are now the biggest source for ALL of your social network needs! For all you Facebook users, we now offer Facebook Codes! Need a hand with Twitter? Take a walk through our new Twitter Tutorials page where you can find tips and tricks for Twitter!
New Layout Section - Tumblr Layouts!
We've added yet another layout section to the site. Introducing tumblr layouts! Tumblr is a new up and coming blogging social network. If you haven't heard of it, check it out, then grab a cool new layout.
More Social Network Layouts Coming Soon!
As you can see we've been releasing all sorts of layouts and backgrounds for all of the social networks like Formspring, Blogger and Twitter backgrounds. Just want to keep you posted and let you know that much more is coming! Get ready for some Tumblr layouts and themes as well as new image generators coming soon!
Blogger Layouts Are Here Too!
Just add it to the list of layouts and backgrounds! Blogger Layouts are now available too! Check out tons of great designed Blogger layouts and soon you'll be able to submit your own Blogger Backgrounds to show off!
Formspring Backgrounds Are Here!
Are you a formspring user looking for amazing backgrounds/layouts? We've got you covered! Check out our thousands of high quality formspring backgrounds. Blogger layouts and much more are still on the way!
Pieces of Flair Button Generator
A new generator has been added to the Image Generators section! Check out the new Pieces of Flair Button generator today and make your own flair! Create a flair button in 3 easy steps and share it on Myspace and Facebook today!
Twitter Backgrounds Now Available!
We've just released the Twitter Backgrounds section! Browse through our large selection of Twitter Layouts today! Feature to submit your own Twitter Backgrounds is coming soon!
Twitter Backgrounds Are On The Way!
We're in the process of developing our twitter backgrounds section. We expect this to be ready within the next few days! Tumblr, Blogger, FormSpring.me layouts will also be added to the site soon.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We hope you're enjoying the day with your loved one. We'll be releasing a few new codes very soon!
Happy New Year!
We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, all of us at FCS sure did! We're now back at work and are ready to bring you the latest and greatest myspace codes & generators. Keep checking back to see what's new!
Countdown to Christmas
Tomorrow is the start of 25 Days til Christmas! Start decorating your Myspace profile with some Myspace Christmas Layouts and Christmas Graphics! We have all types of layouts and graphics available for Winter and Christmas. Even check out our funny Christmas Flash E-Card that you can send out to friends and family!
Google Did You Mean Generator
Check out the latest addition to our image generators sections, the google did you mean generator. With the google did you mean generator, you can fool your friends by creating your own fake "did you mean" results and putting them on your myspace or website.
Homepage Themes
Have you seen the new Homepage Themes? If not, be sure to check them out. If you like customizing your Myspace profile, you'll certainly like Homepage Themes where you can customize your Google start page! Even create your own with our Homepage Theme Editor!
New Myspace Layout Editor!
The release of our new Myspace Layout Editor is here! Not only a new Myspace 1.0 Editor, but the release of our Myspace 2.0 Layout Editor! Including new features such as searching your images by search engine and modifying existing Myspace layouts!
Convert 1.0 layouts into Myspace 2.0 Layouts!
Do you see a 1.0 layout but are using Myspace 2.0? Simply convert it using the Myspace Layout Converter! Easily convert 1.0 Myspace layouts into Myspace 2.0 layouts today with this brand new Myspace generator!
Myspace 2.0 Layout Stealer
Want to steal someone's 2.0 profile layout? We've got you covered. Check out the new Myspace 2.0 Layout Stealer. We have a few more new generators under development. Check back soon to see what they are!
Dark and Fantasy Myspace Layouts
The FCS community has been adding some great dark and fantasy layouts! Be sure to check out the Dark Myspace Layouts and Fantasy Myspace Layouts, both in 1.0 and 2.0 layouts! Keep the cool layouts coming!
Myspace 2.0 Module Editor
Want to hide certain sections on your profile without having to find each individual Myspace codes? Then this generator is for you! The Myspace 2.0 Module Editor gives you a live preview of the 2.0 profile module, allowing you to customize your profile the way you want and generate the code all in a few clicks!
New Myspace Layout Codes + 2.0 Codes
Check out the new way to grab your Myspace layout code! Choose from original 1.0 layout code, 2.0 layout code, or default layout code; all with one click!

Customize your 2.0 profile with the new Add Rounded Corners to your Myspace 2.0 Profile code!
Funny Pictures
Don't forget we carry only the funniest pictures on the net! Check out our LOL Cats pictures and tons of original Funny Pictures today!
4th of July Myspace Comments
Give out a Patriotic comment graphic today to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July! And while you're at it, why not throw up a July 4th Myspace layout as well!
Michael Jackson Layouts & Graphics
Rest in Peace the King of Pop. Show some love by putting up a Michael Jackson Myspace layout or posting up a Michael Jackson Graphic Animation! King of Pop, you will never be forgotten!
Graduation into Summer Time!
Did you just graduate class of 2009? Celebrate with your friends and send out graduation graphics! Now that school is out, time to check out our variety of Summer Myspace layouts and slap one up on your profile today!
Father's Day Myspace Graphics
With Father's day around the corner, get ready to send out a loving Father's Day Myspace Comment to your dad!
More Premium Layouts + Funny Pictures
We've recently released more premium layouts for Myspace! Girls, be sure to check these cute layouts out! Also added more funny pictures! Get your laugh on and browse through LOL Cats, Owned! Pictures and more!
Patriotic + Summer Myspace Layouts
With Memorial Day passing, the US of A still stands in our hearts every day! Throw up a Patriotic layout for your Myspace and then get ready to pimp your profile with Summer Myspace Layouts!
New Myspace 2.0 Contact Tables + Codes
Be the first to have a custom 2.0 contact table for your 2.0 Myspace layouts! Check out our skulls, hearts, stars and much more Contact Tables for 2.0 Myspace Profiles!
Also, new 2.0 Myspace Codes are available!
Mother's Day Myspace Graphics
Mother's day is around the corner so start grabbing some comments & graphics to show your mom some love! Check out: Mother's Day Myspace Comments and/or Showin Some Love Myspace Comments
2.0 Profile Contact Tables
Decorate your new 2.0 Myspace Layout with a new 2.0 Profile Contact Table! We've released a few cool, designed contact tables for the 2.0 profiles and much more to come!
Black and White Myspace Layouts
Looking for a black and white layout? Check out the all new Black and White Layouts for the Myspace category! Can't say much more than you'll see a whole lot of Black and White Layouts for Myspace!
Graduation Myspace Layouts
Are you graduating in 2009? We've just added a Graduation layouts category, show your class support and customize a layout with our profile editor and submit it to the Graduation category! Put up Graduation Myspace Layouts today!
Layouts & Graphics for Easter
Easter is coming up this Sunday. Hop on to our Easter Myspace Layouts section and grab an Easter layout to decorate your profile with! Be sure to send a few Easter comments out as well! Have a Good Friday and an even happier Easter Sunday!
Style Your Profile Name!
Decorate your profile name with the Profile Name Editor! Its a simple generator that allows you to choose different colors, fonts, and other small options. Can be used for 1.0 and 2.0 Myspace profiles!
Peace Myspace Layouts + New Codes
Looking for a peaceful Myspace layout? Check out the Peace Myspace Layouts today! Over 20 pages of layouts full of peace symbols and fun! We've also added a new Myspace code that allows you to hide your 'View My' links (Pics, Videos, etc)! Click here to check out the updated Myspace Codes!
Myspace Codes + More Funny Pictures!
We've updated the Myspace Codes section for all original and 2.0 Myspace users. Check out the new Myspace 2.0 Codes today! Also released today is the Random Funny Pictures in the Funny Myspace Graphics section where you can find some funny pics that will have you "ROFL!"
View Hidden Sections Myspace Generator
A new Myspace Generator has been added! This one is a sneaky generator, allowing you to see the private sections of your friends Myspace profiles! Check out the View Hidden Sections Myspace Generator today!
Myspace Graphics and Profile Additions
Not only have we released more of our Funny Graphics section, including Funny Pictures but we have also released Myspace Comment Buttons! What are comment buttons you ask? Check them out in our Profile Additions category today!
Funny Myspace Pictures
We've added a whole new section to the graphics called Funny Graphics! This section will suck you in for hours and have you really laughing out loud! Featuring categories like Funny Pictures, Funny Animals, Funny Motivtional Posters, Funny Animations and much more!
Jonas Brothers Graphics
Hope everybody had a great St. Patrick's Day! More additions to the Myspace Graphics section today! Girls, here you go; it's what you have been waiting for! Get your Jonas Brothers graphics today! Featuring Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas!
Twilight Myspace Graphics
To begin the new graphics section, we'll start off with some of the most popular graphics out there which include Twilight Graphics! Including Twilight wallpapers and backgrounds, icons, animations and more!
Graffiti Myspace Layouts
Just because the graphics section is taking a nice update with new and Hot Myspace Graphics doesn't mean we've left out the layout section! FreeCodeSource users have recently added 500+ Myspace Layouts this past week and we have now added the category Graffiti Myspace Layouts! Much more to come!
Graphics Section Update + More Graphics
Get ready for an even more easier way to find the comments and graphics you're looking for! The graphics section will soon be restructured with brief categories and more Myspace graphics! Recently added Myspace Graphics: Pregnancy Graphics
St. Patrick's Day Comments + More Codes
Start celebrating St. Patrick's Day early by decorating your profile with all sorts of holiday graphics and Myspace layouts! We have also added a few more Myspace Codes for 1.0 and 2.0 Myspace profile users!
New Myspace Codes for 1.0 and 2.0 Profiles
Looking for new Myspace 2.0 Codes? You've come to the right place, providing all the newest 2.0 Myspace Codes! Also available, new Myspace 1.0 Codes!
Myspace Font Editor
You tired of all the boring fonts? Now spice it up with our new Myspace Font Editor! This flash generator will generate your plain text into a cool and colorful style of font, customized by YOU! Try it out today!
Mardi Gras Comments
Mardi Gras Myspace Graphics have been added! Get ready to be wild and crazy on Mardi Gras by adding our Myspace Comments and Graphics to your profile!
New Myspace 1.0 Codes
Check out the newest Myspace 1.0 Codes for your profiles! Newest codes including Flip Profile Picture and Info and Make a Tiny Contact Table!
Myspace Link Generator
Our myspace link generator has just been updated. It has a few new options, and a few bugs fixed.
Valentine's Day Myspace Flash Toys
Have a valentine already? Send them a love note with our Love Note Creator! Still waiting for someone special this Valentine's Day? Put the Valentine's Candy Heart toy on your profile and let your friends leave you hearts with messages! A fun toy to post on your profile!
Image Generators
Not only does FreeCodeSource.com provide you with some of the hottest Myspace generators, but we also provide our users with some of the coolest image generators! Check out our free image generators today! We are currently in the process of bringing you a few more cool generators and flash toys as well!
Myspace Codes
The codes section is up to date with the latest classic and Myspace 2.0 codes! Now offering previews, giving you an easy feel of what the codes will do to your profile!
New Myspace Graphics
We've added 2 new graphics categories! Add some Animated Words to your page to express your personality and Contact Buttons are always great extra.
Myspace 2.0 Layouts
A few updates were made to the myspace 2.0 layouts that makes them look a little better. We are working on many cool new flash toys and codes. Check back soon!
Myspace Christmas Graphics
We've updated our Christmas graphics section with new Christmas contact tables and Christmas online now icons. More Christmas updates are on the way!
Myspace Profile 2.0 Comment Box
We've updated our comment box generator to work with 2.0 profiles! We've also added new options.
Myspace 2.0 Layouts
We now have a section only for Myspace 2.0 Layouts! Some of the coolest layouts are the double background 2.0 layouts. To view all the 2.0 layouts - Click Here.
Twilight Myspace Layouts
We know many of you guys are excited about the release of Twilight the movie today, so we're featuring our twilight myspace layouts! If you're a fan of twilight, let everyone know by customizing your profile with a twilight layout!
Myspace 2.0 Layouts
The Myspace 2.0 Layouts are here! Simply browse the regular Myspace Layouts section, and once you've found a layout you like, copy the code labeled "Profile 2.0 Code" and follow the instructions.
Halloween Is Tomorrow!
Halloween is tomorrow! We will be adding more Halloween graphics to our Myspace Halloween Graphics section tonight. Don't forget to wish your friends a happy halloween tomorrow with one our Halloween Myspace Comments!
Halloween Myspace Layouts, Graphics, & More
We are now featuring our Myspace Halloween content. Halloween may be a month away, but it's never too early to start getting into the spirit! If you're looking for premade themes, check out our Halloween Myspace Layouts. If you're looking to create your own layout, start by visiting our Halloween Myspace Backgrounds section. Once you've found a background you like, move on to the Halloween Contact Tables and choose a contact table to match your background. Finally, check out our Halloween Myspace Graphics to top off your page.
Soon we will be adding Halloween Extended Network Banners, Halloween Online Now Icons, and more.
More New Stuff!
Check out some of the newest additions to freecodesource! Keep checking back as new things are always being added!
Free Image Hosting + Myspace 2.0 Layouts

We are now offering free image hosting. Upload any picture from your computer and put it on your Myspace profile, website, forum, blog, etc. - All completely free! Myspace Profile 2.0 Layouts will be here soon!

More New Myspace Generators

Two more myspace generators were just recently added. Check out the Picture Puzzle Effect & Replace URL Box With Image generators. Even more generators are on the way!

New Myspace Generator, More On The Way!

Hey guys, we've added another new myspace generator today. Check out the negative implode effect. With this, you can add a cool negative imploding effect to your images. It's extremely easy to use, all you do is upload your image and you're done! If you want to see a preview or if you're ready to use it, click here!

Myspace Div Layout Generator

The Myspace Div Layout Generator is here! With the div layout generator you can create unqiue div layouts in just a few steps. No coding knowledge is needed! We're working on even more myspace generators. Check back soon to see what's coming.

Bumper Stickers Myspace Application

Another new Myspace application was just added, check out the bumper sticks app.

New Myspace Generator - Morph Your Images!

Check out our newest myspace generator, the Morph Your Images generator! With this generator you can morph pictures of you, your friends, or anything else together! You can see examples and create your own, here.

New Myspace Application + Myspace Code

We've added another new Myspace application and Myspace code today. Check out the all new Random Fact Of The Day Application! This application will send random facts to your profile every day that will leave you wow'd. These are similar to the facts you'd find under a Snapple cap. Check it out!
Also, we've added a new Myspace code which allows you to put your friends and comments table at the bottom of your page. Want this code? You can get the code here! Enjoy and check back soon for much more!

Myspace Applications!

Today we've added a brand new section to freecodesource! Introducing Myspace Applications! Myspace applications are cool additions you can add to your profile with a click of a button! No coding knowlegde is needed for these, they're really easy to use. So far we have 3 Myspace applications but plenty more are on the way. Check back soon for some more updates!

New Myspace Codes!

Today at freecodesource, we've just got done adding some new Myspace Codes for you all to enjoy. Keep your page unique, check out the new codes that we just added:

Hope you have fun with these Myspace Codes and put them to good use. Have a great day everyone!

New Myspace Codes!

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great Monday! We just got done adding some new Myspace Codes for you all to enjoy and make your Myspace Profile unique and different from everyone elses.

Also, be sure to check out our hundreds of New Myspace Layouts that have just been added!

More new Myspace Codes will be added tomorrow, so be sure to check back tomorrow!
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Wish your friends a Happy Easter with our Happy Easter Comments!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day + More!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Be sure to wish your friends a Happy Saint Patricks Day with our St Patricks Day Comments! We've also added a Spring Myspace Layouts category and have started adding some Happy Mothers Day Graphics/Comments. Much more is on the way, keep checking back!

Saint Patrick's Day Is Tomorrow!

Saint Patrick's Day is tomorrow! Show off your Irish spirit with a St. Patricks Day Myspace Layout. Don't forget to wish your friends a Happy Saint Patricks day with one of our Myspace St. Patricks Day Comments! Check back soon as we're working on some cool new stuff for you guys!

New Myspace Layouts Categories
Recently we've added a few new myspace layouts categories:

Check them out, or feel free to submit some of your own layouts! :)

Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentines Day everyone! Don't forget to wish your friends or that special someone a Happy Valentines Day with one of our Valentines Day Myspace Comments!
Updated Myspace Generators
Hey guys, over the past few weeks we have been working on upgrading a lot of our older myspace generators and adding some cool new features to them. There are tons of new things being worked on that should be released over the upcoming weeks. Also, don't forget, Valentines Day is only 3 days away! When the day is here, don't forget to wish your friends a Happy Valentines Day with one of our Valentines Myspace Comments. If you have any ideas or suggestions for freecodesource, send us over an email to fcsadmin@gmail.com.
Myspace Valentines Day Layouts & Graphics
We are now featuring our myspace valentines content! Fill your page with love using our Valentines Myspace Layouts & Valentines Myspace Graphics. Next add some Myspace Falling Hearts.. or how about some Falling Kisses? And when the day finally comes, leave that special someone a love note with our Myspace Love Note Generator or check out our huge selection of Valentines Myspace Comments!
New Myspace Generator
We've just added a new myspace generator! Check out the Myspace Private Profile Layout Stealer! This generator is perfect for stealing a layout from a friend who profile is set to private. A normal layout stealer won't be able to get the layout code from a private profile. This one will.
Congratulations to user Seesaw!
We would like to take the time to congratulate seesaw for breaking the 1,000 submitted layouts milestone! She now joins obxghirl as the only other member to reach this mark! If you haven't already, check out her layouts! You can also view her 1,000th layout, here. Thank you!
Happy New Years Myspace Comments
The new year is only hours away! Don't forget to wish your friends a Happy New Year with our Happy New Years Myspace Comments!
New Years Myspace Layouts & Graphics
We're now featuring our Myspace New Years Layouts & Myspace New Years Myspace Graphics on the home page. Be sure to get your page ready for 2008!
New Years Myspace Layouts + Generators
Hey guys, we've just activated the New Years Myspace Layouts category. All layouts submitters may now begin submitting their New Years layouts.

Also, sorry for the delay in getting these generators reactivated. There's a small bug we're still working out. It should be ready very shortly!
3 Disabled Generators + Christmas Comments
The contact table, extended network, and icon collage myspace generators will be reactivated either today or tomorrow. Also, the myspace christmas graphics graphics section has been updated!
Myspace Generators + Thanksgiving Contest
We've added another new myspace generator! Check out the all new, never before seen, Myspace Mini Comment Box Generator! The mini comment box generator will allow you to create a stylish comment box that you can modify to match your layout. Create your own before everyone else has them! We've also started a new contest. The users who can create the best Thanksgiving Myspace Layouts will get them featured on the home page for everyone to see.
New Myspace Codes + Myspace Layouts
Check out our newest Myspace codes:
- Enlarge Top Friends Pictures
- Tiny Myspace Profile
- Hide About Me + Who I'd Like To Meet

We've also updated the hide sections generator with new and improved myspace codes.
Myspace Icon Collage Generator
Check out our latest addition to our myspace generators section, the Myspace Icon Collage Generator! With this generator you can easily creating amazing looking icon collages in just a few easy steps. These can make for some great layout backgrounds!
Halloween Myspace Comments & Graphics
Halloween is only a few days away! Don't forget to load up your page with some hot Myspace Halloween Graphics! When the big day comes, check our our Halloween Myspace Comments and wish your friend a Happy Halloween!
Save Myspace Layouts
We've added yet another new feature. This time to our myspace layouts section. You can now save your favorite layouts while browsing the site.
Christmas Myspace Layouts & Graphics
The Christmas Myspace Layouts category is now active! All layout creators may begin adding their Christmas Layouts to this section. We will soon be reactiving our Christmas Myspace Comments & Graphics along with our Myspace Falling Snowflakes and Myspace Christmas Music sections.
Thanksgiving Myspace Comments & Graphics
Our Thanksgiving Myspace Graphics category is now active! We've got all the Myspace Thanksgiving Comments you need to wish your friends a Happy Thanksgiving!
New Myspace Generators + More On The Way!
We've just added two new myspace generators:
1. Myspace Contact Table Generator - Can't find a premade contact table to match your layout? Create your own with our Myspace contact table generator. It's extremely easy to use.
2. Myspace Slideshow Generator - The easiest way to create your very own slideshow. It includes the "new section" feature not seen anywhere else.
Many more myspace generators are on the way!
Orkut Graphics
We've added more Orkut Graphics to the graphics panel. Browse our large graphics section to find graphics for Orkut.com! Providing you with simple copy and paste Orkut graphics codes! Get some Orkut Quotes and Poems, Orkut Icons, Orkut Glitter Graphics and much more!
Halloween Myspace Layouts
We've now added a category for Halloween Myspace Layouts. Halloween Myspace Graphics and Halloween Myspace Comments will be added soon!
Over 12,000 Myspace Layouts
Thanks to all the layout creators, we are now hosting over 12,000 Myspace Layouts! You can check out the newest Myspace Layouts here!
Animated Image Generator
Hey guys, as you probably know, the animated image generator has been having some problems lately. I've made a few changes to it that should allow it to create the image. Unfortionately I had to remove the preview for now. I've also got 5 new myspace generators on the way. Check back soon!
Myspace Generators Update
We've now added a link to access your photobucket accout while using the myspace generators. The myspace marquee generator has also been fixed. A few new myspace generators will be released soon.
The New Myspace Generator Is Finally Here!
We've added a new Myspace Generator, the Myspace Note Creator! With this generator, you can create customized notes for your profile or to leave in a friends comment. Create things such as fortune cookies, billboards, newspaper articles, and more! More Myspace Generators are on the way!
Myspace Codes
We're working on some new myspace codes. Check back soon!

We will also be adding mash layouts, mash comments, and mash graphics!
Myspace Backgrounds
We've made a few updates to our Myspace Backgrounds section. More striped and icons myspace backgrounds were added. Hundreds of new myspace layouts are added every day!
4th Of July Myspace Comments
Fourth of July is only 2 days away! Don't forget to leave your friends Happy 4th Of July Myspace Comments. We've featured our 4th of July Graphics For Myspace on the homepage.
Myspace Generators
New Myspace Generators are on the way, check back soon!
Orkut Comments, Orkut Scrapbook Comments
We now offer orkut graphics! Leave your friend a comment in their scrapbook with our orkut comments. Eventually we may offer orkut layouts!
obxghirl - Over 1,000 Layouts!
Congratulations to obxghirl for submitting over 1,000 myspace layouts! You can view her 1,000th layout here!
Hi5 Layouts
The Hi5 Layouts section is almost completed. You will be able to begin submitting Hi5 Layouts tonight.
New Myspace Generators
We're also completed with some new Myspace generators. We will be realeasing one of them soon!
New Stuff Still Coming..
It might take a little while but we are still working on some big changes. For now, check out the hundreds of new myspace layouts that are being added every day!
Myspace Mother's Day Graphics
Mother's Day is tomorrow so be sure to send your mom a Happy Mother's Day Comment! Or if your mom doesn't have a Myspace, send her over a Mother's Day E-Card!
Myspace Backgrounds
We've just added another 500+ Myspace Backgrounds! We are also working on many new Myspace Generators and Myspace Codes. Keep checking back!
Friendster Layouts
Our Friendster Layouts section is now complete! We will be releasing it to the public within the next few days after a few layouts are submitted. If you wish to submit Friendster layouts you've created, simply sign up, click the My Layouts link, then click Friendster Layouts at the top. If you want to create Friendster Layouts, use our Friendster Editor. Hi5 Layouts are coming soon!
Myspace Generators - Image Rollover Effect
Check out our latest addition to our Myspace Generators section. The Image Rollover Effects Generator! Our Friendster Layouts section will be completed very soon!
Myspace Layouts
We are now hosting many of the images that make up the layout. This will ensure that your layout's images never run out of bandwidth or disappear.
Free Myspace Layouts
Tons of new Myspace Layouts are added every day! Click here to check out the most recently submitted ones.
Myspace Codes
Check out our latest additions to our Myspace Codes section:
- Hide Comments + Keep View All + Add Comment
- Hide Friends + Keep View All Friends Link
We will be adding more Myspace Codes & Myspace Generators shortly!
Friendster Layouts
We will soon be adding a Friendster Layouts section to the site. Check back soon for more information!
Myspace Layouts Update
We've made another very big update to our Myspace Layouts section! Now when you submit your layout, we will save and host your images! Now you no longer have to worry about Myspace Layout images running out of bandwidth.

We will be updating our Myspace Generators and Myspace Codes sections soon!
Myspace Layouts & Myspace Backgrounds
If you're looking for the hottest Myspace Layouts and Myspace Backgrounds you're in the right place! We've got one of the largest selections of Myspace Layouts and Myspace Backrounds on the net!
Hi5 Layouts
We will soon be releasing Hi5 Layouts. More info will be posted soon!
Myspace Graphics
We now have over 25.000 Myspace Graphics and Myspace Comments to choose from! Check them out!
New Myspace Layouts Category
If you haven't already noticed, we've added a new category to our myspace layouts section - Spring/Summer Myspace Layouts! Currently there aren't any layouts yet but check back soon as some are on the way!

Also, sorry about the recent problems with not being able to login. It should now be working again. We are working on building a new community area so that there are no more glitches. Updates will be posted soon.
New Myspace Generator Was Added!
Check out our latest addition, Make Your Myspace Name An Image generator! Replace your boring name text with a cool image. We've also added 100 new Myspace Backrounds!
Myspace Layouts
Thanks to all of our contributers, we now have 6500 Myspace Layouts! We look forward to watching this number continue to grow.

Also, be sure to check back tomorrow for a new Myspace Generator!
Myspace Generators & Myspace Codes
We've got the largest selection of Myspace Generators and Myspace Codes on the internet! Be sure to check them out if you're looking to make your profile stand out.
Myspace Graphics, Myspace Comments
We've got the largest selection of Myspace Graphics & Myspace Comments on the internet! Be sure to check them out and leave your friend a comment!
More Stuff On The Way
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates! I've been busy on vacation and hadn't had a chance to make any. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! Now its time to get back to creating new myspace generators. Check back soon to see whats added!
Easter Myspace Comments
Easter is right around the corner! Check out our thousands of easter myspace comments in our easter myspace graphics section!
Contest 2 Has Begun + New Myspace Flash Toys
Contest 2 has begun. This contest's prize is a Nintendo Wii with 5 games! In order to win all you have to do is create the best layout with the most amount of views. This contest ends April 15th.

We've also added a cool new flash toy. Check out the Glitter Animator. With this flash toy you can draw your own animations.
More Generators & Myspace Codes!
We're not done, we will be adding more myspace generators and codes throughout the next week. Check back soon to see whats been added!
Easter Myspace Graphics
We've just added hundreds of new easter myspace graphics! We've got myspace easter glitter graphics. animated easter graphics, and tons of other easter myspace comments to choose from. Check em out!
New Myspace Generators & Myspace Codes
We're still adding new generators and codes! Check out our latest myspace generator: Protect Your Images - Use this generator to protect your images from thieves! And our latest codes: Hide Friends Names and Hide Friends Pictures . More stuff is still on the way!
New Generator - Extended Network Creator
Check out our newest addition to our Myspace Generators section, the extended network banner creator. With this generator you can design your own custom extended network and see your changes in a live preview.
New Myspace Profile Editor & Myspace Codes
Check out our brand new, redesigned, profile editor. Everything is shown in a live preview and now allows you to create tiny profiles, plugin contact tables, extended networks, and more! Also be sure to check out our latest additions to our Myspace Codes section:
- Put Your Friends Names Below Their Pictures
- Hide The Left Column Of Your Profile
Easter Myspace Layouts and Graphics
We have just began working on our Myspace Easter section. So far we have tons of myspace easter comments and other myspace easter comments. We will be adding a section for myspace easter layouts shortly. Below are are some of the categories we have added so far to our easter graphics:
Contest 1 Complete - New One Starting Soon
Congratulations to obxghirl and CJ for being the first contest winners! We have completely rebuilt our rankings system for the second contest. The new contest rankings will update every 5 minutes and shouldn't have any issues at all. We've also got a new layout feature almost ready. Check back soon to soon to see what it is.
New Myspace Generators
We're in the process of working on new Myspace Generators and adding some new features to the layouts area. More information will be posted soon.
Myspace Backgrounds
Check out our huge selection of myspace backgrounds, we're always making updates to this section.
Myspace Backgrounds
We've just maded some major additions to our Myspace Backgrounds section. Check them out.
Myspace Saint Patrick's Day Layouts
Looking to get your Myspace ready for Saint Patty's Day? Check out our Myspace Saint Patty's Day Layouts section. New Saint Patrick's Day Layouts are being added daily!
Myspace Saint Patrick's Day
Hey guys, we just added the Myspace Saint Patrick's Day section. Here you'll be able to find links to the different Saint Patrick's Day themed Myspace Codes. Currently you can find Saint Patrick's Day Layouts and Saint Patricks Day Graphics and thousands of Saint Patricks Day Comments . We are working on adding more things to this section.
We would like to take the time to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! Don't forget to wish your friends a Happy Valentines Day, check out our Valentines Myspace Graphics for thousands of graphics to choose from.
2 New Valentines Generators
Hey guys, we've added two more features to our Valentines section. Check out the Valentines Love Note Generator and the Valentines Swinging Heart Generator. And unfortionately this Member Ranking page is a lot more work then we thought. We are hoping once again to have it released tonight.
Valentines Myspace Comments
We added a few hundred new Myspace Valentines Comments today. Dont forget to leave your friends Happy Valentines Day Comments on Februrary 14th!
Myspace Falling Kisses
We've just added another section to the Valentines area, the Valentines Falling Kisses . This generator will show little pictures of kissing lips raining down your page and will make a perfect addition for Valentines Day. The beta version of the member rankings should also be completed today. Check back soon!
Myspace Valentines Falling Hearts Generator
We've just made another addition to our Myspace Valentines section. Check out the Myspace Valentines Falling Hearts Generator. With this generator you can have hearts rain down your page. You can even pick mulitple colors.

The member ranking system will also be released tomorrow!
New Feature + Submit A Layout Page Is Fixed!
We've just added a new feature to the Myspace Layouts area. While viewing a myspace layout you can now see related layouts, and other layouts by the creator. This makes it easier to find the layout you really want.

Also, for everyone who couldn't submit a layout for the past month, it should now be working again! - Click Here to submit a layout!
Check out our Myspace Valentines Graphics: We've got plenty more Myspace Valentines Layouts and Valentines Myspace Graphics on the way!
Happy New Years Eve!
Happy New Years Eve...Be sure to check out the Myspace New Years Graphics and wish your friends a Happy New Year!
Myspace New Years Graphics
We are now featuring our New Years Sections on our homepage. Be sure to check out our Myspace New Years Layouts and Myspace New Years Graphics. We are also working on a new Myspace flash toy which will be up sometime soon.
Merry Christmas!
We at freecodesource.com would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. As a gift, we've added a new flash toy. Check out the Myspace Shocking Text! We've also added a ton of new Myspace Layouts.
New Myspace Generator Was Added!
The new Myspace generator was just added. Check out the brand new Text On Images/Tag Images (Watermarking) generator. With this generator you can easily tag your images by placing a layer of text on them. This is perfect if you're worried about people stealing your images or if you just want to label them. Be sure to check it out. More Myspace Generators will be added soon!
Generator Updated / New Generator On The Way!
We've just updated our Myspace Navigator Generator. Some changes by Myspace caused the "Add a Comment" and "Forward to Friend" buttons to not work. This is now fixed. Today we will be adding another new Myspace Generator. Keep checking back as it will be added in the next few hours.
Big Updates/ Christmas Cursors + Flash Toys
If you haven't noticed already we have just finished putting together our Christmas Myspace Cursors section. We have also released our brand new Myspace Flash Toys. Check out the Myspace Countdown, Colorful Flashing Text, and Myspace Glitter Text Generators. We will be releasing a new flash toy/myspace generator once every 3 days. Keep checking back. We've also added more Christmas Myspace Graphics and Christmas Myspace Comments.
New Myspace Generators + Layouts
It has been a little while since our last generator was added. Very soon we will be adding tons of new Myspace Generators. We have been working on many new things so keep checking back to see what they are! We've also added tons of new Myspace Layouts. We've got more Layouts For Myspace than any other site. Click here to view the Myspace Layouts!
Myspace New Years Graphics / Layouts
Within the next few days we will be begin putting together our Myspace New Years Section. It will contain Myspace Happy New Year Graphics, Myspace New Year Layouts, and many more things.
Myspace Christmas Music / New Feature
Today we've added two new things. First off, we added a brand new area to our Myspace Christmas Additions section. You can now add Myspace Christmas Songs to your profile! This will surely get you and your profile viewers in the holiday spirit. Secondly, we've added an Automatic Installation feature. This will automatically install a layout onto your Myspace so that you never need to leave the site. Don't forget to check out our Christmas Myspace Layouts section, we've added a ton of new Christmas Layouts since our last post.

We've added more Christmas Myspace Graphics! In Our Christmas Graphics For Myspace section you can find: Christmas Myspace Comments, Myspace Christmas Comments, Christmas Comments For Myspace, Merry Christmas Myspace Graphics, Myspace Christmas Clipart.
Christmas Myspace Layouts
A ton of Christmas Layouts have recently been added. Be sure to check them out and get yourself a Christmas Layout for your Myspace. Keep checking back as the Myspace Christmas Music and Myspace Christmas Cursors will be ready soon!

We will also be adding:
Myspace Happy New Years Graphics, Myspace Happy New Year Graphics, Myspace Happy New Years Comments, Myspace New Years Graphics, Myspace Happy New Years Glitter Graphics, Myspace Happy New Years Icons, Myspace Happy New Years Contact Tables, Happy Happy New Years Myspace Graphics, Myspace Happy Happy New Years Comments, and more! We will also have Myspace Happy New Years Layouts / Happy New Years Myspace Layouts!
Thanksgiving's Over, Get Ready For Christmas!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, but now its time to start getting ready for Christmas! We've begun putting together our Myspace Christmas section, all of which can be found above. We will be adding many new things to this section over the next couple of weeks so keep checking back.
Thanksgiving Myspace Graphics
Thanksgiving's only a day away so don't forget to wish your friends a Happy Thanksgiving! We've got thousands of Myspace Thanksgiving Graphics to choose from.
Myspace Thanksgiving/Christmas Graphics
We've added the Myspace Thanksgiving Graphics section to the homepage. We've also added the Myspace Christmas Graphics link to the left panel so start getting your page ready for Christmas early!

Coming Soon:
Christmas Myspace Layouts
Myspace Falling Snowflakes
Myspace Christmas Music
and tons more!
New Myspace Generator...
We had some small problems with the new generator so we have taken it down for repairs. It will be back shortly!
New Myspace Generator Coming Soon!
We will be adding a new Myspace Generator tomorrow. Check back to see what it is!

Also, we are working on some big new things that we will be releasing over the next few weeks. The Myspace Christmas section is just one of them. It will include Christmas Myspace Layouts, Christmas Myspace Graphics, and Myspace Falling Snowflakes!
Halloween's Over - Thanksgiving Is On the Way
I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween, but can you believe Thanksgiving is a little over 3 weeks away? Over the next few days we will begin putting together our Myspace Thanksgiving Graphics / Layouts sections. Always check out Free Code Source for all your Holiday needs!.
Myspace Halloween Graphics + Featured Video
We just got done making a huge update to our Myspace Halloween Graphics section. We've got the largest selection available so be sure to leave your friends Myspace Happy Halloween Comments!

And be sure to check out our new hot Featured Video. This week we are featuring Lily Allen and her song "Littlest Things".
New Generator / Fixed Generator
Today we added a new Myspace generator - The Fancy Name Generator! Similar to the fancy text generator, this allows you to create cool fancy text patterns that can be used as your Myspace name. Also, we noticed there was a problem with our Extra Interest Tables Generator, we have fixed the error and it should now be working smoothly. We are working on some huge upgrades for Free Code Source, keep checking back to learn just what things we are working on!
Working Hide Last Login + Myspace Counter
We've just updated our Working Hide Last Login to work with the new changes made by Myspace. Click Here to get the code.

Many people wanted to know how to retreive their lost counter code / change the color of the counter. Well we've just added a new area where you can do just that. Click Here to use it.
First New Myspace Generator
We've just released our first of many new Myspace Generators. The Animated Image Creator! Easily create animated .gif images in just a few steps. No more wasting time with confusing programs. You can add the image to your profile or use it as your default image.
Try it out today!

Myspace Counter Update!
The Myspace Counter has been fixed and updated! You now have the option of 5 different coloful counters. Get your own Myspace Counter.
Convert an Image to Text!
We've just added our newest Myspace Generator, the Convert Images To Text Generator. Take any image of your choice and turn it into text that looks almost identical to the image! This generator is a lot of fun to play around with. Try it now!
Many Updates Are On The Way!
We still have tons of new myspace generators to release. Check back later today for another new one. Our brand new Myspace Layouts area is almost completed. And expect a few new Myspace Codes in the next couple of days!
Myspace Slide Shows
Myspace has just released their newest feature, Myspace Slide Shows! Myspace Slide Shows will automatically take all your Myspace pictures and put it into a scrolling/rotating photo album. Your image captions will also automatically be entered and will be displayed with the pictures. No more confusing uploading and coding. Ready to get your slide show? Click Here!
Myspace Generators
The new myspace generator has been added. The fancy text generator. Turn normal boring text into ¢ððl £åñ¢¥ †êx† lïkê †hï§. Click here to try it out.
Myspace Overlapping Text
The Myspace Overlapping Text Generator has been added. Includes a Live Preview!
Updates and Fixes
-Myspace Layout Stealer has been updated to show a live preview. A new Layout Code Previewer option has also been added onto it. Now you can preview your layout code before applying it to your profile.
-Myspace Secret Codes section has been fixed!
New Additions and Updates
-Creating a Link Generator was updated to a live preview w/ more options!
-Myspace Pictures in a Scroll Box Generator had a few errors fixed.
-Myspace Best Friends Graphics were just added!
-Myspace Pirates of the Caribbean Graphics were just added!
More on the way, keep checking back.
Myspace LED Scroller
-Myspace LED Scroller was added!
Create a Myspace Poll
-Myspace Polls - Create Your Own Myspace Poll Today!
Fixes and Updates
-Fixed Movie/CD Picture Cover Generator
-Updating Myspace Generators
New Myspace Profile Editor/Layout Generator
We've recently updated our Myspace Profile Editor. The new generator has a brand new setup, a lot of new features, and is all around a much more effective generator. Many new Myspace Generators are on the way!
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