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Easiest Way

This option allows you to upload images but does not give you the ability to delete them or retreive a lost code.
1. Upload using our free image hosting section.
2. Use our auto install tool to automatically add it to your Myspace or other social network profile.
Want to learn how to use the image as a myspace comment or post it in a bulletin? Click here.

To Have Complete Control Of Your Images

This option allows you to create albums and manage your pictures.
1. Create an account with PhotoBucket.com.
2. Once signed up and logged in, click the Choose Files button.
3. After selecting one or more photos from your computer, you will be taken to the next page which shows your image(s).
4. If you wish to make this image searchable by other users, enter in some tags describing your image(s). Otherwise click "Skip this step now".
5. Now that you're back on your home page, copy the HTML Code.
If you wish to use a picture you found on a website, just save the picture to your computer, and then upload.
» What's Next?

Hotlinking An Image From A Website (Not Recommended)

Hotlinking is when you direct link an image from someone's website. The owner of the website can delete the image at any time leaving you with a broken image. We recommend you first save the image to your computer, and upload it to photobucket or our free image hosting section .
1. Right click on the picture.
2. Click properties.
3. Copy the Location/Address (URL) to the image and put it in this code
4. Replace url to picture below with the url you just copied.

5. Copy the code above.
(Click in the text field, press control+a to highlight the code, then control+c to copy the code)
» What's Next?

Now that I have my code, what's next?
Add it to your profile:
1. If you wish to put this image on your myspace profile, navigate to the Edit Profile section.
2. You can now paste (control+v) this html code into the section(s) of your choice.
(ex: If you want to put it in your 'About Me' section, paste the code in the text area next to where it says 'About Me:')
3. Click the "Save Changes" button to update your profile.

Send it to a friend as a comment:
1. If you wish to send this image to a friend as a comment, first navigate to their profile.
2. Click the 'Add Comment' link found above their comment section.
3. Paste (control+v) the html code in the text area and click the "Post A Comment" button.
Note: If above the text area it reads "This user disables HTML comments. Any HTML codes in your comment will be removed.", this means you cannot send them your image.

Post it as a bulletin for all your friends to see:
1. To post your image in a bulletin, hover over the Friends button in the myspace navigation.
2. When the drop down appears, click the Bulletins link.
3. Next, click the Post Bulletin link.
4. On this page, give your bulletin a subject, then paste (control+v) the html code in the body text area.
5. If you want your friends to be able to comment on your bulletin, check off 'Allow Bulletin Comments'. (optional)
6. Click the "Post" button.

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