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Tag Someone In A Post

In a comment box, type + or @ followed by the person's name. A box should appear containing the matching name (if the person exists). Note: Typing the name too fast may make the box disappear causing the mention attempt to fail. In the event this happens, backspace all the way back up to and including the + or @, and try to repeat the attempt again.

Once the name becomes a tab, you're done! Posting the comment will send a notification to the person that they were mentioned. The notification is sent regardless if a person mutes a thread.

If you want to prevent mentions from triggering, turn off the reshare option (but do not mention the person in the opening post since turning off reshare does not protect against mentions in the opening post).


If you need to discuss about a third party in private, do not + or @ them. Instead just write out their names. Otherwise by using + or @, it will send them a mention notification, be it post creator or commenter, and it will add them to the post permissions allowing them to see the post.

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