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Clicking on the Photos tab on the top of your Google+ page will display recent photos uploaded by your friends, as well as how many comments each photo has received. Clicking on any of these photos brings up a photo slideshow with the most recent comments on the right-hand side and photos from your other friends on the bottom.

Sharing of the Photos is much more easier and convenient as with the help of the “Photos” option in the Google Plus have four different categories which are “From your Circles”, “Photos of you”, “Your Albums” and also “From your Phone”. With the help of these 4 options, you will be easily able to share all your photos in the Google Plus as it integrates all your photos at one place. Though this might also include the photos which are private, but from the Settings option you can easily choose on which photos you wish to share.

To upload your photos you currently have a few choices. The quickest way to start is to use the browser. Click the big red “upload new photos” button, currently top right, and you get a big rectangle into which you can drag the photos, one or more at a time. Once done, mouse over the thumbnails to add captions, rotate or delete the pictures. Pick a new gallery name, or add to an existing album, and you're done. Next up, you can add an album description, and pick which of your circles you want to share with. By choosing particular circles of friends, you can target snaps to the right people.

Another section of Photos lets you check out photos in which you've been tagged. This is also the area where you can approve or reject photo tags. No photo will be tagged with your name until you approve it. Any photos you upload via the Stream will be added to an album called “Photos from posts,” available in the “Your albums” section of the Photos app.

Worried that you shared a photo with the wrong group? With Google Plus you can find out in a matter of seconds. Click the little white “View profile as…” button and choose who you'd like to be. You can view your stream as it is seen by “anyone on the web”, or enter an e-mail address (of your boss, say) and check what they can see. It's neat, and makes you a lot more confident in sharing things.

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