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The Interface


Label #1: Here is your list of Circles. Clicking a circle will change your feed by showing only the posts of those within the clicked circle. To undo a circle click in order to view posts from all circles, click the word “Stream” in this section. Furthermore, the act of clicking a circle will automatically change your share tags to match the selected circle. This is done so you don't have to always manually type the circle name when sharing, and can be witnessed by attempting to share something new while having a circle selected.

Label #2: Sparks will monitor interests or trends for you and it will update your feed with those interests as events occur. Your spark interest keywords are visible to you only, unless you manually share them.

Label #3: Google+ chat. You can explicitly control what circles see you signed on.

Label #4: Tabs to switch between the Home, Photos, Profiles, and Circles panes.

Label #5: Search for existing Google+ users by name. If you search for a topic or location in the “Find People” search bar, you will get a list of profiles matching the keyword(s) anywhere in their public profile. Great way to build a special interest circle around specific topic or subject matter.

Label #6: Google+ User Settings

Label #7: Notifications counter. Whenever someone mentions your profile, posts in a thread you have as well have posted in [can be muted, see section “Mute a post / thread?”], tags you, etc., this counter turns red and the number changes from 0 to the number of notifications you have. Click it to view the list of notifications in a hovering sidebar.

Label #8: Edit your circles

Label #9: Here are suggestions of people that you may want to add to one of your circles. The suggestions are based upon the email contacts and the circles of people in your circles.

Label #10: Launch a hangout to video chat with up to 9 others at a time.

Label #11: Share in your stream

Label #12: This is your feed, which is a collection of posts from the circles you are in and from your Sparks interests.

Label #13: Quick share in your stream

Label #14: Settings



Profile Page

Label #1: This is the current person’s profile picture. Clicking on a profile picture will rotate through all the user’s previous profile pictures.

Label #2: Send email to individual. This can be removed by editing your profile.

Label #3: People the individual is sharing their information with.

Label #4: People that share their information with the individual.

Label #5: View the current individual’s posts.

Label #6: View the current individual’s about information.

Label #7: View the current individual’s photos.

Label #8: View the current individual’s videos.

Label #9: A list of all the links you +1'd

Label #10: This spot is for post and share history of the individual that the profile belongs to.

Label #11: Edit your profile.

Label #12: View how your profile looks to the public or another individual.

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