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Google + Profiles

Once you log into your Google Plus account you will see a brief description of some of the features. On the bottom of the page click "Complete Your Profile".


Here you can add a description of yourself, your employer, education, and upload your profile photo. Next you can fill some more details about yourself (all optional)


That's pretty much it! Now start adding people to circles and sharing some posts.


Profile Interface

Label #1: This is the current person’s profile picture. Clicking on a profile picture will rotate through all the user’s previous profile pictures.

Label #2: Send email to individual. This can be removed by editing your profile.

Label #3: People the individual is sharing their information with.

Label #4: People that share their information with the individual.

Label #5: View the current individual’s posts.

Label #6: View the current individual’s about information.

Label #7: View the current individual’s photos.

Label #8: View the current individual’s videos.

Label #9: A list of all the links you +1'd

Label #10: This spot is for post and share history of the individual that the profile belongs to.

Label #11: Edit your profile.

Label #12: View how your profile looks to the public or another individual.

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