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Looking to make your Google Plus status updates/streams stand out more? Want to know secrets to using Google+?
Check out the cheat sheet below!

The following codes allow you to bold, italicize, and strike out your stream posts and comments.

To bold your text, surround your text with *asterisks*:

this text will be bolded!

To italicize your text, surround your text with _underscores_:

this text will be italicized!

To strike out your text, surround your text with -dashes-:

this text will be striked out!

You can even combine all three!

This is an example of using all three styles!

How about all at once!

Combine them all!

How to send someone a private message on Google Plus:
So you want to message someone privately? While there's no "messaging system" on Google+, sending a private message is as easy as only sharing a post with only one person.
1. To send a post/message to only one person, first remove all circles that may be prefilled in:

2. Click "Add circles or people to share with...":

3. Enter the name or email address of the user you want to message (they don't need to be in one of your circles to message them!):

4. Type your message, and click Share:

Tips to Navigating Google Plus Posts:
While viewing the "Stream" or the "Posts" on your profile, use following shortcut keys to make navigating through them easier.
  • Pressing the letter J will scroll down each post one at a time.
  • Pressing the letter K will scroll up each post one at a time.

Tagging Friends in Posts on Google Plus:
If you've used the 'tagging your friends in posts' feature on Facebook, then you already know how to do it on Google Plus!
To tag friends in posts, simply put an @ sign or + sign in your status/stream text field, then begin typing their name or email.
Once you've selected their name, it'll look like this:

After you share it, their name will be a link to their profile:

Cheat Sheet

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