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Tagging People in a Facebook Status Update
Facebook Has an @Mention Feature Too!
Did you ever get tagged in your friends Facebook status, or have you ever seen someone have a friends name linked in their status and you were wondering how they did this but didn't want to ask them? Well this tutorial will explain in detail how they did it, so you can show off and show them that they aren't the only ones that know how to do this. Twitter was the first to have this, where you were able to do "@'usersname'" and it would notify them and create a link to their page, well Facebook made it along the same lines as twitter but the "@" symbol does not show it just creates a link to their profile, page, event, brand, company, music and everything else in the Facebook universe. Just follow the tutorial below to start using Facebook Status Tagging to your advantage!

Starting your Status Tagging
Just start typing your status like normal but when you get to a part where you would like to tag something then type an "@" symbol, then directly followed by the name of what you want to tag. So something like; "Check out the awesome update on @Freecodesource!". See below how you can do this while on Facebook:

This is what it will look like once it is finished and posted as your status:

It will automatically now show up on your friends profile or the page that you wanted to post it to, so if you post it to a group page then it will auto post it on that page. (See screenshot below.)

Some Downfalls

You can only post this in your status, it will not work anywhere else. It would make sense to be able to do this in discussion threads, but unfortunately you are not able to do this at this time. But hopefully facebook will realize that it would be great if in a discussion you can make a reference to a page that you might be talking about or a person, but you can not do this at this time :(. But be sure to have fun and show off your new Facebook technical skills, and if this is your first time reading this and just found this out, we will keep it a secret that you got it from here!

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