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Want a Lens Flare Effect On Your Page?
This cheat code, if input properly will add a very unique effect to your Facebook while you are browsing. Only you can see it, and by logging out and then logging back in will return your page to normal. This code is very cool, and a lot of you probably did not even realize that the Facebook masterminds had this feature coded. What this code does is adds a Lens Flare Effect to your Facebook browsing experience (see screenshot below). It shows up everytime you click the mouse or move your mouse. When you move your mouse the lens flare changes its angle according to where your mouse is moving.

Code Input:
1. You can either start on your homepage where your news feed is, or go to your profile.

2. Once at the area where you want to input the code, click on the page to make sure that Facebook is your active window/tab.

3. Next, simply input the code below using your keyboard then click anywhere on the page (not on a link!).

4. Enjoy your new Facebook Lens Flare effect! Read below for how to get rid of it.

Removing The Effect:

To remove the lens flare effect just log out and then log back in and it will be gone!

Lens Flare Effect In Affect!

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