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Limited Visibility On Photos
Only Let Certain People See A Certain Photo
Have an inside joke with your friends about a certain friend? Have a picture that you dont want a certain friend seeing or even your boss to see? Well you can set who can and cannot see the picture as you upload it. So you can get away with some good laughs, without getting in trouble or losing any friends.

Limit Who Can See Your Photo
1. Click on photos on the left side of the news feed ( see image below)

2. Click on upload photos button and start the process of how you would normally upload a photo

3. Where but when you get to the option to create an album youre going to see a drop down where you can select privacy, click that and select privacy ( see image below)

4. Then it will bring up a box where you can select what friends you want to be able to view it, there will be a drop down and select "specific people" then you can type the names of the people you want to give permission to (see image below)

5. Then just continue uploading the photo and publishing it like you normally would with all of your other photos.

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