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Photo Pop Out:
Make Your Photo Look Like You Are In Facebook!
This trick/tip is very unique and cool, it will make your Facebook picture appear as though you are in the facebook page, literally. Its really easy to do, but you are going to need: Photoshop which can be pricey, or Gimp which is a free image editing program, or paint. The programs are all based on personal preference, but they all will work. Just follow the steps and you will have your very own pop out Facebook photo! Once you see the basic steps you can use your imagination to change it up a bit!

Pop Out Steps:
1. Here is what you will need: A Camera or a picture that you want to use, Photoshop or GIMP, or even Paint, and the picture below, (right click and save as).

2. When you get your picture. Try to think of one that would make an interesting pop-up looking picture. Example: If you are going to be making it look like you are peeking out from behind the white part of the page, hold a big white piece of paper in front of you to make the next step easier.

3. Now, using Photoshop, or the GIMP, or some other image editing program that supports layers, cut out your image and get rid of the background. If you don't know how to go that, Google it. Make sure at this point the background is transparent. Then, after it's cut out, copy it and paste it onto the background image. (You'll have to right click and save that image) You'll probably have to resize (scale) your image because the background image is very small.

4. When you set the finished image as your profile picture, the line in Facebook's layout should match with the line in the picture. If it doesn't line up, move the image up or down a few pixels in your editing program and try again. Keep in mind, Facebook changes its layout a lot, making the image not line up.

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