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Hide Your Online Status
Dont Want People To See You On Facebook for some reason?
Is there ever that annoying person that immediately messages you when you go on Facebook just to accept an event or check somehting important? Are you going on Facebook at work and made the mistake of friending your boss? Well this tutuorial will show you how to hide your online status from everyone, or just certain people so you don't get harrassed or fired!

Be a ghsot amongst Facebook:
1. Click on the chat in the bottom right of Facebook.

2. Click on the friends lists tab in the upper left hand corner of the chat box. See screen shot:

3. Type in the name of the block list you want to create, in the above screenshot I named mine "LOL", then once you name your list just hit enter on your keyboard.

4. Drag and drop the friends you want to put in that block list that you just created

5. Once your list is finished hover over the green dot next to the list in the chat window, you will see it say go offline, click it and those friends will no longer be able to see you online anymore. See screen shot below:

Be Shown Offline To Everybody:

1. Click on the chat box at the bottom right of facebook

2. Click on options and you will see a link at the top of the options window that says "go offline"

3. Now you are offline and you will no longer see the list of friends.

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