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Fun Facebook Languages
Why Not Blabber on Ye' Mates Plank in Pirate Tongue? Or read Facebook while Hanging Like a Bat? Feeling 1337?
This cool feature is very overlooked and many people don't even know that it exists. When you create a Facebook account your language is defaulted based on your region. So if your page and updates are all in the language that you use, then why would you bother to look to change it? Facebook snuck some fun English language variables. They are PIrate Tongue, Upside Down and 13375p34k. I am currently using the Pirate Tongue and it made me "Like" facebook a bit more. In this tutorial I will teach you how to change to these languages, its really easy, but like stated above very overlooked!

Changing To Pirate or Upside Down:
1. Scroll all the way to the bottom of any Facebook page, and you will see the languages button:

2. Once you clicked on that a window will appear for you to pick you language, you will see the cool languages right above "English":

3. Once you click your page will then be changed to the type of speak you chose. You will absolutely love it, it's a lot of fun and changes things up for once!

To Switch Back:

Just follow the same steps you took previously but just check the standard language you want to use! Have fun with these!

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