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Setting Up An Event On Facebook
Have Something Special Going On? Want To Let Your Friends Know?
In the past, getting the word out about an event, even if you only intended to invite your close circle of friends, meant a lot of work getting on the phone or emailing invitees individually, coordinating RSVPs, or even hanging up flyers. Facebook (Facebook), though, allows you to quickly create an event listing, invite people, and then watch word of the event spread virally out from your network of contacts (if you choose to allow it). This guide will show you how to successfully run an event on Facebook.

Creating Your Event
With the new Facebook you can create an "Event" right from the "What's On Your Mind?" box at the top of your page. The icon to do so looks like the calendar (see image below).

Then you just have to fill in all the information that applies to your event like the title, location, start date and time.

After you filled out all of your information, then click "Share". You will then be brought to the page where you select your friends or a certain group of friends.

In The News Feed

Once it is in the "News Feed" you can comment on it with further details that you would like to add, or you can send it via message to other people for specifics or in case they have not RSVP'd yet. At this point you want to keep it alive if it is somehting you want a lot of people to see, so it will constantly be looked at.

Advertise Your Event

If you are making an event for a company or a website, or something that you want more than your group of friends on Facebook to see, then you can create an ad for the event. By creating an ad it will be displayed throughout Facebook on a lot of peoples profiles, so you will get a lot more visits than if it was just your friends. You can simply do this by clicking the link on the right of the news feed that says "Advertise on Facebook". You will then be brought to the "Create Your Ad" page, from there just follow the steps and then publish it!

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