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Did you now you can create groups of facebook friends? First off lets explain what exactly a friends list is. A friends list is an organized groupings of your friends on Facebook. For example, you can create a list of friend that you work with and name it work friends. Then you can filter your view of each list’s stream of activity separately on the home page. Friend Lists are easy to manage and allow you to send messages and invites to these groups of people all at once. To create a list follow this link while signed in http://www.facebook.com/friends/ This is a link to your friends section on Facebook.

Once here follow these steps:

Click the "Create New List" that appears beneath the filters on the left side of your home page or your Friends page. Or, click the "Create New List" button from the "All Friends" tab of the Friends page. See image below.



Then your friends list will appear with an option to create list. Click create list and the option to name the list and add friends to the list will appear. Chose you list name and add your friends you want in that list and your done!




Now check it out. Go to your homepage and click the friends link on the left panel. Your new friends list will drop down. Click it and you will see only the updates from your listed friends! You can have up to 1,000 friends per Friend List.

Note: You can use Friend Lists to create different privacy levels for different groups of your friends. This allows you to selectively open more of your profile to the people closest to you. From the Profile Information section of your Privacy Settings page, clicking "Customize" will open a field for "Hide this from these people." Adding a friend or Friend List name here will hide the information in question from these people when they view your profile.

If you add a user to more than one Friend List, and those Friend Lists have conflicting privacy settings, the more restrictive of the privacy settings will always be respected.

You can also add someone to a Friend List when you send him or her a friend request. That way, if they confirm your request, they will be automatically placed into the designated Friend List and will follow all of the privacy settings you have set for the Friend List.

To delete a Friend List, first select the list from the Friends page. After making your selection, the "Delete List" option will appear at the top of the page.

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